Have You Ever Tried To Roll Up Barb Wire?

My wife thought I should share this with you. We live out in the farm land and they are building a subdivision on 2 sides of us. We own 1 acre on the corner. In the process of building the subdivision they have messed up our barb wire fence. They will be putting up a new vinyl fence so I’m taking down the barb wire fence and the metal post. Now, have you ever just tried to roll up barb wire? You know, like a rope or extension cord! It just doesn’t work too good for me to do that. The wire all wants to straighten back out and when it’s 160 plusĀ feet long it just doesn’t work to well to just roll it up. I remembered seeing barb wire rolled onto a spool of sorts and I remembered what they kind of looked like so I built a spool out of 2 X 4’s to wind the wire on. First I just tried to roll the spool on the ground and that didn’t work very good. I decided I need something to put the spool on so I could spin the spool and wind the wire up. So, as you can see I built frame to hold the spool out of some old metal I had. The best part is that it worked out to where it hangs on the back of the dunebuggy at just the right hieght. It’s pretty easy to wind it up that way! My wife thought that was pretty ingenious.

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